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Remote Guarding Solutions turns each camera of a video surveillance system into a proactive remote guard. It combines on-site video surveillance technologies, sophisticated analytics, and the swift action and decision-making capabilities of trained security interventionists.

Safe & Sound Now Offers Live Remote Guarding Service

PROACTIVE Visual Verification BEFORE a crime happens

MORE AFFORDABLE than onsite guard duty and 99% MORE EFFECTIVE!


What Is Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding represents a cutting-edge security solution for residential and commercial environments. It deploys an on-site video surveillance infrastructure augmented with advanced audio capabilities, sophisticated analytics, and real-time video monitoring overseen by remote security experts. Think of it as having a 24/7 security guard dedicated to safeguarding your premises efficiently and effectively. Remote security is also a way to automatically document and collect evidence of illicit activities.

Remote Guarding vs. Security Guards

Remote guarding services and on-site security guards have advantages, but the former can monitor a wider area at any given time. On-site security offers a physical presence, with guards patrolling, monitoring CCTV cameras, and responding to security threats in person. However, your property is vulnerable if a security guard is away from their post or needs to handle another matter. Ultimately, the choice between remote guarding and security guards depends on factors such as budget, security requirements, and preferences for physical presence versus remote monitoring.

Is Remote Guarding Right for My Business?

There are a few factors in determining if remote guarding would work best for your business. Remote guard services often cost less than hiring on-site security personnel, making them an attractive option for companies looking to optimize security costs. Safe and Sound offers round-the-clock monitoring of your premises, ensuring continuous protection even during non-business hours or when the premises are vacant. These services utilize state-of-the-art technology such as video analytics, artificial intelligence, and remote access control, providing a higher level of security than traditional methods.

Remote guards can react swiftly to security breaches, immediately alerting authorities and taking necessary action to mitigate risks and minimize potential losses. By outsourcing security to professionals, businesses can reduce their liability risks associated with on-site security incidents or accidents. Knowing that your property is being monitored around the clock can offer business owners and employees peace of mind.

Overall, remote guard services offer comprehensive security solutions that are cost-effective, technologically advanced, and provide continuous protection for businesses of all sizes. Contact Safe and Sound today to go over your options.