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Access control systems are more than the sum of their parts. They serve as door locks as well as security systems, protecting your property from intrusion and letting you know who is coming and going at all times.

Safe & Sound Alarm Systems can set you up with an access control system that puts you in charge of your business access via an easy-to-use smart device app. Here are some great reasons to get in touch with us today for a quote:

Top 8 Reasons To Install Access Systems In the Home And Workplace

Electronic access systems at strategic access points around the house or within the workplace let you regulate access to specific locations around the office or home, and require proper authentication for anyone who tries to access these areas. They also keep a record of who used which credentials to enter the access-controlled areas of your property.

Here are some of the reasons you need to install modern access systems:

1. Safe environment and peace of mind

With the rise in the number of security threats against property owners such as break-ins, malicious destruction of property and even staff-instigated cybercrimes, how often do you worry about the safety of your business or home? This constant worry amounts to distractions that affect your productivity.

You can definitely minimize that worry by installing one or several electronic access control systems that require a form of authentication via a card reader or keypad. Such a move doesn’t just give you the peace of mind, it also guarantees the safety of your property, staff or loved ones, and personal or business data at home or in the office.

2. Audit trail

With the traditional locks and key security system, anyone with access to the key — whether an original key or duplicate copy — can access the home or office and leave unnoticed. However, electronic systems that require a credential to access a particular area often keep records of the access digital footprints. This makes it easy for the business owner to identify persons who accessed a particular room, thus discouraging intrusion or theft.

3. Reduce theft and compromise

The confidence that no one may never realize they are the ones who committed a particular crimes serves as one of the greatest motivations for thieves and intruders. By installing these security systems, you take away this confidence and replace it with a high probability of being discovered and caught.

This serves as enough deterrent to criminals as well as unscrupulous employees. When an employee knows they leave a digital trail every time they log in and out of a particular area within the workplace, it discourages them from engaging in activities that expose your business to risks.

4. Remote access controls

The electronic systems used in upping the security of your home or business often form part of the smart technology. They allow for real-time monitoring of the premises as well as remote access control.

In such a case, you can lock and unlock the door to your home while in the office or withdraw an employee’s access to particular parts of the business or its entirety while on vacation across the world. Ideally, these security systems hand you almost absolute control of your home and business.

5. Faster and easier access compared to locks

What happens when you have multiple departments in your business with different levels of security put in place? Under traditional lock and key system, you will have to sift through numerous keys trying to figure out what key opens which door. This process is tedious. On the other hand, the modern card reader and keypad systems only require a single or departmental credential in the form of a pin, fingerprint, or a magnetic card to allow access.

6. Eliminates risk of unauthorized duplicates

You only need a few minutes with a key to create a duplicate key that can then be used to gain unauthorized and illegal access to a home or business. Modern security solutions eliminate this by introducing hard to duplicate login credentials such as a pin, fingerprint, and digital access cards. In the case of high-security areas, these systems allow for the use of multiple authentication tools such as the use of both a pin and fingerprint. This eliminates the rampant cases of duplicity prevalent with lock and key systems.

7. Staff monitoring

Electronic security systems also provide for staff monitoring. A quick check on the login activity, from anywhere in the world, will reveal to you the number of employees who showed up for work. A deeper analysis will reveal the hours worked by taking a look at their login and logout times. Think of it as a rudimental staff rollcall that the HR department can consult in case of discrepancies on an employee’s billable hours.

8. Simplifies emergency lockdowns

In the case of emergencies such as fire or natural disasters like earthquakes, the first step to safety involves exiting the building and gathering at the fire assembly point. From here, the human resource officer is supposed to conduct a roll call to ensure everyone is accounted for. However, in the rush to safety, most will forget the employee register.

How then do you ensure no one is trapped inside the building? Through the use of the electronic security systems to identify the number of login entries against the number of people who made it out. These systems may make it even easier to locate trapped individuals by tracing their credentials to a particular department and area within the building.

Don’t put your family or business at risk by sticking with the relatively outdated lock and key system. Smart security technologies such as electrical access control systems give you much-needed peace of mind, complete with an access audit trail and the ability to control and manage your system from anywhere via an app. Call us today for a quote!

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