Business Security Systems


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Security Solutions Every Business Should Have

Without accurate and effective security systems put into place, you could be leaving your business open to a variety of risks and security threats. Assets can be lost, profits stolen, and all of that could hurt you badly enough that you can never fully recover from the criminal act. And, of course, a fire could destroy your property and assets as well as endangering your staff and customers.

To protect your business and livelihood, it’s important to have a reliable business security system. Not only will your assets be safe, but you and your employees will also remain safe as well. Safe & Sound Alarm Systems can install a business security system that includes security cameras, security monitoring, access control, and/or fire alarms.

Here are some of the many features available with today’s business security systems:

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Business Security Systems
Reduce false alarms and unnecessary site checks by enabling monitoring personnel to identify if the alarm was triggered by a human • Reduce incremental costs that can be incurred by false alarms • Enable responders to be alerted about any potentially dangerous situation

Video Surveillance

Whether you run a warehouse, an office, a retail store or an auto repair shop, video surveillance is a must when it comes to security. For one thing, if the criminal manages to escape after stealing money or assets, you are far more likely to catch the thief if there’s video evidence then if there wasn’t. With a face to offer the police, it’s far more likely that the culprit is going to be caught, and you can receive justice. You may even be able to recover the stolen goods.

Video surveillance also works as a powerful deterrent. If a criminal sees that there are working cameras around the building of interest, they’re less likely to enter. They don’t want to get caught, and they know that if their faces are caught on camera, they’re basically surrendering to the police right then and there.

Apps, Alerts and Real-Time Video

With a monitoring system that sends alerts to your mobile phone, you can be alerted to suspicious activity occurring on your property in real-time. Camera footage will show you exactly what is happening. If it’s clear that someone is attempting to break in, you can immediately call your security guards or the local law enforcement to put a stop to their attempt.

Essentially put, video surveillance is no longer just a camera that swivels around and records people’s activities. Because of the improvement in technology, it can be harnessed and used for multiple purposes that all work together to keep your business, your employees, and yourself safe.

Sensors and Detectors

Another element of crime prevention comes in the form of sensors. There are multiple sensors available these days. Motion sensors that trigger audio sirens, motion sensors that trigger the lights to be lit, and categories within each of these that offer the ability to verbally communicate with those who triggered the sensors. As with a camera, if a criminal is walking up to the business with the intent of breaking into it, if lights suddenly flood the area because they triggered a sensor, they may get scared off and run off without attempting the criminal act.

Sensors that allow you to speak with the person who triggered them can be helpful in identifying whether that person is a potential thief or an employee who made an honest mistake. For example, an employee who left something in the office might accidentally trigger an alarm in their attempt to retrieve that item. Your security team can be able to easily determine friend from foe by being able to speak with them.

Access Control

Access control systems keep your business safer because you know who is allowed on the property and if an unauthorized person attempts to enter. With solutions from Safe & Sound, business owners can also manage your access control system via an app.

Solutions, Solutions

There are plenty of solutions available for any business owner. Let us help you find the right business security system for your situation.