Safe & Sound is in Southern Oregon

Getting security for your home or business is crucial these days. It is important to protect your property and we can help you do it. We offer a variety of commercial and home security systems, along with professional monitoring, and can help you decide what is best for you and your home or business.

Security Services Offered in Southern OR area

● Video surveillance: We can set up indoor and outdoor security cameras to capture and record what is going on. This can be important when you want to review what has happened or is happening in different places of your home or business.
● Monitoring: Our security monitoring centers can alert you if something happens, so we can get in contact with you and find out if you need help. We can keep an eye on your home or business and take appropriate action if sensors are triggered or unauthorized entry is detected. We also offer monitoring only. With this service, you can get a basic system that uses a landline phone for setup. This means you must have a home phone number that can be accessed.
● Security Alarm: A burglar alarm can be very effective in scaring away people who are not supposed to gain entry into your home or business. The alarm can include a loud siren that will turn on if the motion detector on the alarm system is triggered (if you choose that option).
● Security systems: We offer a variety of options for your security system, starting with more budget-friendly systems up to more sophisticated systems, which can add access to your system via a mobile app on your phone. Additionally, you can add things to a package, including video cameras, doorbell cameras, and more door and window sensors.
● Automation technology: Advances in technology are making it more and more affordable to add amazing features to security systems. If you have other devices in your home that are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatible, you can add your security system to have access as well. We can help you understand your options when it comes to home automation and your security system, and how they can interact to better protect your home.
Home Security Systems and Commercial Security Systems We Offer
Even if you’re on a budget, it’s easier than ever to have a security system professionally installed at your home or business. And with smart home technology, your system can be more than an alarm system — it can offer convenience and a way to know what’s happening at your home, even when you’re away.

We offer the following systems in Southern Oregon:

Home security

We can help you decide which aspects of a home system. You can get a security system that comes with an alarm, video surveillance, monitoring, sensors, and various other things. When it comes to your home, we can help give you the peace of mind that you and your family are protected.

Commercial security

We can come into your commercial property and install whatever kind of security system you need. We will evaluate the property and help you decide which options will get you the results you desire. You can choose features like motion sensors and video cameras.

Keeping your business safe and secure is vital to any business owner. We can help you enhance your security by using things like video surveillance, which will let you keep an eye on your business while you are not there and capture events that may need to be reviewed later. That can also help minimize police response times when there is a burglary attempt on your property.

Choose Your Security System

With several different options for a security system, you can choose anything from a more basic alarm system to a smart home system that allows you to use your smart device for a variety of functions — such as controlling locks, thermostats, and the security system.

Whatever your need for alarm systems, monitoring, smart home technology or security cameras, we can supply you with an intelligent solution that meets your needs and helps keep your property and people safer. Contact us for a quote! We can explain the options that are available and put together a package tailored for you. If you refer your family members or friends, we’ll give you a free month of monitoring!