Alarm systems have repeatedly proven their value in residential and commercial situations for many years. Now, with smart home solutions like the video doorbell and the ability to control many of your home’s functions with mobile apps, it is not only easy but also convenient to opt for alarm security systems.

You will enjoy the security such a system brings to your property, as well as the ease of being able to see who is at your door or in various parts of your property via professionally installed security cameras. Our home security systems are available with motion sensors, door and window sensors, motion detectors and other options that make them a smart choice for Prineville homeowners.

We also offer commercial security systems for Prineville businesses, including not only burglar alarms but other options such as access control systems, security cameras, night vision cameras, and constant surveillance in our monitoring centers. You’ll know right away when an alarm is triggered and the police have been alerted.

What We Offer

When you want to protect your home or business, Safe & Sound can provide business security and home security in a range of systems. Using the latest in automation technology, we can tailor the exact system that will work best for you:
● Video surveillance: Camera security captures images and maintains a record for review.
● Fire alarm systems: Your house will have immediate contact with fire and rescue personnel.
● Security monitoring: With a series of monthly systems available, you never have to feel alone.
● Access control through your smartphone: Use our app and Cloud technology for convenient, secure access.
We offer these security services in subscriptions that start at a monthly fee of $15.99 for basic monitoring. You can see some of our plans here. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you.
Commercial Alarm Systems and Services
Sometimes a business owner inherits a security system when they move into a commercial property. These systems can be old, worn out, and untrustworthy.

Let us take a look and give you our opinion on whether the system you’ve got will provide the security you’re looking for. We’ve seen so many chewed wires, outdated technology, and inadequate monitoring or video coverage that we just ask business owners to consider the possibility that they could use an upgrade.

Residential Services

For home security you can depend on, contact us about your concerns and needs. We’ll be happy to discuss the various monthly monitoring systems we offer as well as video surveillance, fire alarms, smartphone access, and more.

We have a lot of experience with helping families adapt to these security systems and figure out how they interact with your home’s Wi Fi, and can help your family members of all ages to learn the ropes.

Our Professional Services

We have provided professional services, exceptional customer service and peace of mind for thirty years. Our commitment to offering the best in home and business security means we provide redundant systems for your safety.

When you choose Safe & Sound, you get a level of professionalism and know-how that you won’t find with DIY home security systems. We use UL-certified equipment that also meets FM Mutual standards. Our systems are CSAA 5-Diamond certified. We rely on a fire alarm designer that meets the standards for NICET Level IV regulation.

If you’d like to know more about the safety and design standards we use, just ask. We’d be happy to explain how our systems provide the peace of mind and safety backup that let you sleep better at night.

We’re Here For You

When your home is burglarized, it can leave you feeling unsafe or at risk. This is why we work so hard to provide dependable security systems and vigilant monitoring. We want families to have that confidence that their home is safe and secure, and that they are not alone in protecting their property.

Business owners work hard to invest in their business, and protecting the fruits of your hard work is a top priority! We’ll be happy to review your existing security system or to let you know your options for a new system.

For all your residential or commercial security alarm system needs in Prineville, contact Safe & Sound today. When you refer your friends or family, we’ll give you a free month of monitoring on us!