It isn’t possible to prepare for everything that may happen in the future. However, there are many steps that homeowners and business owners can take to protect their property — including having a commercial or home security system professionally installed.

According to Consumers Advocate, 65% of residential burglaries occur during the day. Whether you’re at home during the day or at work, alarm security systems can let you know via motion detector, security cameras and third-party monitoring when an unauthorized person is trying to enter your home. If you own a business, you can head home at the end of the day with more peace of mind and feeling good about the security of your premises.

At Safe & Sound, we provide alarm security systems, smart home solutions, monthly monitoring and more to homeowners and business owners in Madras, OR. Ensuring that your property is monitored not only protects your investment, but also helps to secure your family, belongings, employees, and merchandise.

Keeping Watch When You’re Away
Safe & Sound provides residents in central Oregon with a variety of alarm systems and security systems, and one of the most popular options our customers choose is video surveillance that allows you to monitor different areas remotely. For example, you may want to see specific rooms in your home while you are at work or out of town.

For owners of businesses or office buildings, having the ability to record video surveillance is a tremendous benefit. This footage may be used by law enforcement to apprehend a burglar or vandal. In some instances, the mere presence of security cameras helps to cut down on criminal activity.

Home Safe Home
If you’re a homeowner, one of your top priorities is to maintain security. Unfortunately, studies have shown that only 14% of homes in the country have home security systems installed. This makes many families and properties vulnerable to crime and theft.

We offer a range of different systems to meet your needs, from simple burglar alarms with door and window sensors to sophisticated smart home systems that incorporate smart locks and the ability to monitor your home using mobile apps.

We can tailor systems to have the functions and features that matter most for your home or business, such as access control panels, fire alarm systems, and monitoring services. It is important to us that our customers enjoy peace of mind and security.

Investing in Monitoring Services
It’s one thing to have security equipment installed in your home. It’s another thing to have professionals monitoring these systems from monitoring centers. That’s the difference between choosing Safe & Sound rather than going with DIY home security systems that don’t include constant monitoring.

Investing in monitoring services not only protects your home and property now but in the future. The same is true for those who own businesses, stores, and shops. No one is in their home or business around-the-clock, so 24/7 monitoring is important — and necessary to ensure your safety and protection.

Technology has made surveillance systems like these so advanced that they work in a preventative way, putting potential intruders on guard and letting you know via cellular backup the moment the alarm is triggered. Whether you choose the simplest system or the most advanced, you can feel good about adding an extra layer of protection to your property.

Trust a Leader in Home Security
Safe & Sound Alarm Systems specializes in strategies that keep homes and businesses safe and protected, with attentive customer service representatives that work hard to exceed your expectations. Our 3+ decades of expertise has provided us with security strategies that benefit our customers and professional installation that gets the job done right the first time.

Let us collaborate with you to design a great effective security system for your Madras home or business. Contact us today to request a quote on security camera, monitoring options and more that help secure your property and protect your people. If you refer your family or friends to Safe & Sound, we’ll throw in a free month of monitoring on us!